Abdou Maman-Kané, Founder and Director, Tech Innov SARL, Niger

Tech-Innov promotes a performing automatic irrigation system, "Tele-Irrigation" and its derivatives – automatic beverage, clean water kiosks in rural areas, Intelligent fertilizers, Mobile weather forecast.
Such social innovations in the field of water management and environment offer to the populations living in rural areas an access to technology, and enable them to adapt to climate changes and fight efficiently against poverty.
These systems were invented by Abdou Maman Kané, a social entrepreneur with an IT education, specializing in IT and communication. Abdou Maman Kané has been distinguished many times on the international stage, he received  the 2nd prize Climate Start-up COP22, the 3rd Prize of Young social African Entrepreneur from Libreville (2015), the Great World Award Hassan II for Water (2015), the medal of Ecological Creation in Nice (2013), the Medal at Geneva International Exhibition of  Inventions (2012). He is also Laureate "Forum Africa 100 Innovations for Sustainable Development " (Paris 2013).