About AgroParisTech

AgroParisTech is the Institute of life and environment sciences and industries, attached to Ministries in charge of agriculture and higher education. As a player in higher education and research, this great establishment, an international reference, addresses the major challenges of the 21st century: feed men while managing territories sustainably, preserve natural resources, encourage innovations and integrate bioeconomy.

Leaning on research and its links with professional circles, the establishment trains executives, engineers, doctors and managers, in the field of life and environment, by deploying an engineering course, a master and a PhD in partnership with the great French and foreign universities, together with a range of vocational training courses known under the label "AgroParisTech Executive". It also carries out a strong scientific activity and contributes to innovation in its areas of intervention.

AgroParisTech is a member of ParisTech consortium, a founding member of Paris-Saclay University and a member of Agreenium-IAVFF -  the veterinary and forest Agronomic Institute of France.

Located in Grand Est region since 2012, the biorefinery site of Bazancourt-Pomacle (Marne) within the European Centre of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (CEBB), the Chair ABI (Industrial Agro-Biotechnologies) of AgroParisTech combines a cross-disciplinary research in order to offer new ways of valorization for industrial co-products and local agro-resources.