About planet A®

How to feed 9.7 billion human beings by 2050, to preserve our unique planet, ensure the geopolitical balance of nations: lying at the crossroads of major issues, Agriculture is the keystone thanks to which everything is possible. By the stability of its models and the sufficiency of its productions, it can contribute to the geopolitical balance of the World.

Supported by a collective meant to welcome committed personalities from various horizons, Planet A® has been created on the basis of one objective that holds out a promise: to accelerate the agricultural revolution by developing the transfer and share of knowledge, by smoothing exchanges and by creating the conditions of an innovation useful for Men.
Since we live in an open world, such issues require unconditional, global, total engagement. Planet A® collective was created around the conviction that Agriculture must transcend its assets and overcome antagonisms to let viable solutions emerge over time, by strengthening constructive exchanges between players concerned by Agriculture, whatever their fields or local prisms.
« Since we are positioned at the heart of a powerful and inventive agricultural basin, we have acquired the conviction that Agriculture can and must be reinvented, so as to produce in sufficient quantity while building a sustainable future for our planet. And because we are also located at the heart of Europe, we realize how much our territories are interdependent, to what extent the decisions of some of us may have impacts on all the others. Similarly, one project made up here may be achieved elsewhere.
So, we launch Planet A® because as long as Men will exist, we shall need Agriculture and the momentum is ideal for a positive agricultural revolution: the needs are critical, but now the wills and the technical and technological means are available. We are talking of a subject that concerns the whole World, therefore we turn to experts and personalities of the whole World, issued from various disciplines, to join Planet A® and make innovative solutions emerge or become possible. » Benoist Apparu, Mayor of Châlons-en-Champagne said.