Agriculture to restore the links between One Health and territories

This territorial approach to the issue of One Health and agriculture will be articulated in two stages:

What actions are needed to raise awareness of the One Health approach and recreate the links between the urban world and the agricultural world? 
The success of the One Health approach integration by the agricultural world supposes that it is shared by all: this imposes a commitment of citizen-consumers and of all economic and public actors, a rapprochement between producers and consumers and the installation of a close link.
By limiting CO2 emissions linked to the transport of imported agricultural products and enhancing local production, can a short supply chain policy meet the demand? How to strengthen the invitation to consume locally and seasonally? Are short cycles part of the solution? It seems essential to strengthen consumer awareness with a willingness to pay to increase the excessively low price paid to farmers and contribute to relocation? Is a “new pact” between agriculture and society possible?

Territories: What solutions optimise public policies in favour of farmers and support them in this change?
Territories have a capacity to be more agile and more resilient. How to consolidate territorial food projects? How to involve farmers at the centre of decisions to restore attractiveness to territories and professions? What level of autonomy for the territories to support the resilience of agricultural models and the adoption of the One Health approach? Is the development of territorial sectors desirable?