Alain GUERINGER, Researcher at INRAE, farmer

Alain Guéringer is a researcher at INRAE.
He is the co-author of numerous books, in particular on subjects related to agricultural land, such as "Land and development of rural and peri-urban areas in France" (with Abdelillah Hamdouch and Frédéric Wallet), "Land portage operations to preserve agricultural use "(with Christine Léger-Bosch and Nathalie Bertrand)," Characterizing land ownership in a territory: identifying "profiles" of owners for better adaptation of public and collective action "(with Emmanuel Duron ) and "The adaptation of farmers to the peri-urban context. A reading of agricultural logic from the case of Billom-Saint-Dier (Auvergne) "(with Marie Houdart and Salma Loudiyi).