Pierre BLANC, Professor of Geopolitics, Editor-in-chief of Confluences Méditerranée, Sciences Po Bordeaux and
Bordeaux Sciences Agro

General Engineer of canals, waters and forests, doctor in geopolitics (HDR), Pierre Blanc is professor of geopolitics at Bordeaux Sciences Agro and Sciences Po Bordeaux. He is also invited professor at USJ (Bayreuth), at Sciences Po Lyon, at ENA and CIHEAM. Editor-in-chief of Confluences Méditerranée, a magazine of the Mediterranean Middle-East research and study institute IREMMO, Pierre Blanc is a searcher at LAM (Sciences Po/CNRS). His research focuses on Middle-East and Méditerranée geopolitics and on agro-politics. He has just written Terres, pouvoirs et conflits - Une agro-histoire du monde (Paris, Les Presses de sciences po). He is also the author of Proche-Orient : le pouvoir, la terre et l’eau (Presses de Sciences Po, 2012); l’Atlas du Moyen-Orient (Autrement 2016), Violence et politique au Moyen-Orient (Presses de Sciences Po, 2014), L’Invention tragique du Moyen-Orient (Autrement, 2017), Israël face à Israël. Promesses et dérives d’une utopie (Autrement, 2018), with Jean-Paul Chagnollaud.
Beyond his teaching and research, he carries out regular missions of international cooperation. He was adviser for ministers in Lebanon.