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Carbon as the driver of the agricultural transition

Global Agriculture is pointed out as the second economic sector issuing Greenhouse Gas. However, Agriculture is the only human activity capable to meeting the climate change challenge by capturing and storing atmospheric carbon thanks to photosynthesis.

There is a real will to engage the transformation of Agriculture by soil conservation practices or by reducing inputs that play a major role in the comprehension and experimentation of carbon storage.

Today it appears necessary to align these movements and their respective financial tools to « scale-up » and achieve a paradigm shift on Agriculture.

The works of Planet A® Carbone Schedule builds on a survey conducted with interministerial piloting according to 3 key dimensions:

  • A modular approach of operations qualification with a definition of work practices, the carbon potential of which can be measured (type of cultures, consumptions of non-renewable resources, crop rotation, etc.)

  • The standardization of the quantification of the carbon assets generated (quantification/qualification of carbon units)

  • The capacity to simultaneously activate financing systems issued from markets, investment funds, banks and public policies.

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