Christian FUSILLIER, Head of the Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity Division, AGENCE FRANÇAISE DE DÉVELOPPEMENT (AFD), France

Christian Fusillier is an agro-economist and geographer. He was a cooperant in Togo for 4 years on agricultural training, then worked for 18 years at the Institut de Recherches et Application des Méthodes de Développement (IRAM), as a technical assistant in Haiti and Niger, then at the Institute's headquarters in management positions. His main areas of expertise: agricultural and rural development, vocational training, professional organizations, social water management. In 2006 he worked as an independent consultant in France in support of business creation assistance schemes and as an evaluator of international projects. At the beginning of 2011 he joined AFD as a project manager in charge of vocational training, then in 2017 he became head of the Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity division.