Fabrice Declerck, Scientific Director, Eat Foundation, Norway

Fabrice DeClerck, PhD, is the scientific Director of EAT housed by the scientific secretary office at Stockholm Resilience Center. He is jointly appointed at Bioversity International, at Earth Institute of Columbia University and the Centre of tropical Agriculture, Research and Education (CATIE) in Costa Rica. Though he was initially trained in ecology and agriculture, his work is truly multidisciplinary and focuses on the impacts of food systems on human health and environmental sustainability. He is the author of the next Lancet Commission on « Healthy food diets from sustainable production systems ».
He is the main writer of the Global and African assessments of IPBES -a Group of Intergovernmental Experts on Biodiversity and Ecosystemic Services, IPCC’s sister organization. He has published nearly 100 research articles, and co-edited three books on ecology, agriculture, human nutrition and poverty. His main researches are at the interface of agricultural development, biologic conservation and human health. Fabrice is holder of a PhD in ecology and geography from California University in Davis, a Master in forest biology from Iowa State University and a baccalaureate from Humboldt State University in California where he was appointed
« Man of the Year » in 1995. As a park naturalist for the Californian State parks on Big Sur coast, he has lived with Maya farmers in Yucatan, worked with Kenyan farmers for the Millennium Village project and spent six years on researches in Central America.