Diana MANGALAGIU, Associate Professor at NEOMA BS

Diana Mangalagiu is Associate Professor at NEOMA Business School. She has a dual background, in both Natural Sciences (PhD Artificial Intelligence, Ecole Polytechnique, M;Sc. in Physics) and Social Sciences (M.Sc. in Sociology, M.Sc. in Management). Her interest is in sustainability and the articulation of environmental and economic policies in corporate and public policy settings addressed through an articulation of modeling, social experimentation and foresight. Her research is published in journals such as in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Critical Review, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Futures. She co-founded the Initiative for Science, Society and Policy Dialogue, is a scientific board member of the Global Climate Forum, Integrated Risk Governance Project and Global System Dynamics and Policy and a Co-Chair of the Global Environmental Outlook of the UNEP. She led and participated in advisory, research and development projects with companies, national and regional governments, World Bank, OECD, UNEP, UNDP. Diana is French and Romanian national. Through her travels, she became fluent in seven languages.