Edmundo BARRIOS, Agricultural officer, Plant production and protection division, Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Venezuela

Edmundo Barrios is an Agricultural Officer at FAO. He provides technical and policy- related advice on ecosystem management, soil health & biodiversity that supports agroecological transitions to sustainable food and agricultural systems. He holds a BSc in Biology from University of California at Berkeley, MSc in Ecology from the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC) and a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Dundee, UK. A soil ecologist with more than 20 years of research for development experience with the CGIAR based in Latin America and Africa, he investigated the linkages between soil health, biodiversity and productivity in agroforestry systems. He is co-editor of the Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas published by the European Commission and the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative, and coordinated the launching session entitled ‘Global Soil Biodiversity: A point of convergence for sustainability’ during UNEA2 – United Nations Environmental Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2016. He led the FAO Agroecology team in the development of the “The 10 Elements of Agroecology: Guiding the transition to sustainable food and agricultural systems” released during the 2nd International Symposium on Agroecology held in Rome at FAO-HQ in April 2018. He now coordinates the development of ‘The Status of Knowledge on Soil Biodiversity’ Assessment Report and the organization of the 2020 Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity as a member of the Global Soil Partnership Secretariat hosted at FAO.