Given the evolution of the sanitary situation in Europe, we have decided to postpone the 3rd edition of the planet A Forum. We will inform you as soon as possible on when we will hold the 3rd planet A forum. We thank those who have renewed their trust in us and are committed to build the next edition of the forum with us.

The theme "Feeding people and protecting the planet: farmers, actors in global change", focusing on the challenges of a world in the making, offers a fundamental reflection on the transformation of agricultural models. This theme places humans at the center of the debates while tackling a set of cross-cutting questions: What is it to be a farmer today when technological innovations transform every trade? Do farmers have the means to take on these new societal and environmental responsibilities entrusted to them? How to feed a fast-growing world population at reduced cost in a context where agriculture is one of the key levers in the fight against global warming? Under what conditions can these new parameters create value? How to recreate the links between the urban world and the agricultural world? What solutions optimize public policies in favor of farmers and support them in this change?