Françoise LEDOS, Head of the development network, COOP France, France

Head of development programmes successively for Coop de France Ouest (from 1991 to 2012) and Coop de France (since 2012), in coordination with the funding for agricultural and rural development of the Ministry of Agriculture (CASDAR). Coop de France's 2015-2020 development project focuses on the topics of generation renewal; ecological transitions, including the development of organic farming; advice to farmers to support their transitions; the quality and safety of food production; and the link between territory and food through territorial food projects. Productions on these topics: Françoise Ledos is an agricultural engineer, graduated from the Institut National Agronomique Paris Grignon and has a master's degree in biochemistry and a DEA in enzymology (University of Paris XI Orsay). She was also an auditor at the Collège des Hautes Etudes du Développement Durable Bretagne.