Godfrey NZAMUJO, Director, Songhaï Center, Republic of Benin

Godfrey Nzamujo is the Director of the Songhai Regional Centre, based in Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin since 1984. He has been a research professor at Irvine University (California,), Associate Pastor at St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Laguna Hills - California, and Assistant Professor of Engineering at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles - California. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in modern philosophy and mathematics, a master's degree in theology and a doctorate in economic philosophy. He also graduated from the University of Irvine with a Master's degree in Microelectronics Systems Engineering, a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Doctorate in Management Sciences from the International Institute of Advanced Studies. Born in Kano, Nigeria, Godfrey Nzamujo is also an American citizen. His current development research focuses on sustainable agriculture in tropical regions and the related institutional framework, renewable energies (biogas, biofuels, rural energy development), soil microbiology and fertilization (Bacillus-Lateresporus, Rhyzobia, temperature, microbiological environment and nutrients in integrated soil fertility management, energy in water bodies, nutrient extraction, energy reserves in urban and peri-urban waste water, etc.). He has received numerous awards and honours, including as a Member of the United Nations Independent Commission on Africa and the Challenges of the Third Millennium, the Africa Leadership Award for the Definitive Eradication of Hunger (co-laureate with President Rawlings of Ghana), the Jesuit Award of Honour and the Engineering Award of Honour (California). He was appointed Grand Officer of the National Order of Benin, and has received the FAO Commemorative Medal Award, and the ""Rebranding Africa Award 2016 - Lifetime achievement.