The International Forum of Agriculture

In 2018 it gathered nearly 400 company managers, searchers, professors, NGO representatives and public players coming from 32 countries in the whole world. The Objective: to imagine the solutions which will reinvent tomorrow’s Agriculture, take some commitments, and introduce some proposals to the highest level of States and organizations.

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Institute of Higher Education in Agriculture

The ambition and the educational project of Planet A® Institute dedicated to Higher Education in Agriculture are to enable all players to meet in a space of exchanges, research and discussion. Its mission is to promote shared thoughts and culture on agricultural, wine, forest and agro-industrial issues.

In September 2019, Planet A® will launch the first session of Planet A® Institute, dedicated to renewing the crop production.

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The study of Carbone externalities

Convinced that there is a real will to enter into transforming Agriculture via the practices of tillage conservation or reductions, Planet A® leads an inter-ministerial work to assess and validate 3 key strategic lines in order to get new public policy orientations as regards carbon capture.

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