Biendi Maganga-Moussavou, Ministry of Agriculture, Breeding, in charge of GRAINE Program, Gabonese Republic

As a banker, Biendi Magangda-Moussavou starts his career in 2001 at CITIGROUP in Gabon, as risk analyst, then joins the IMF Middle-East department in Washington in 2002 as economist.
He returns to Libreville in 2003 and joins BICIG (BNP Paribas) climbing the ladders for nearly 7 years. In 2007, he is appointed as Treasury Director of UBA GABON. These successive experiences enabled him to acquire and develop some knowledge on company management and financing. He was therefore co-opted by Emerging Capital Partner to develop the Gabonese branch of ORAGROUP, the 4th bank of the country and referent bank of medium-sized companies, as Deputy Managing Director. Biendi Magangda-Moussavou occupies this post from January 2011 to October 2016, date on which he is appointed at the head of the Ministry of Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Companies, Chargé of National Entrepreneurship.
His action, like his commitment, are noticed. So, in February 2018, he became Minister of Agriculture, Breeding, in charge of GRAINE program, the implementation of which aims at freeing Gabon from its food dependence.