Mamane Mariama, Founder and Director, Jacigreen, Niger

This young Nigerian, aged 27, concerned with the environmental issues affecting her country, especially the Niger river, is the founder of Jacigreen, an eco-innovative start-up, the aim of which is to depollute the Niger river while producing fertilizers and electricity.
Everything started in 2016 in Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso. Mariama Mamane was a student at the International Institute of Higher Education and Research (2iE) where she follows studies in water and sanitation engineering. That year, the school organizes a contest enabling students to present their project ideas. Mariama Mamane decides to submit a project she was mulling over since 2013: that of transforming the water hyacinth issue into a natural fertilizer. A few months later, Mariama Mamane was selected for the final of the 2016 edition of the African Rethink Awards contest in Paris, which welcomes around fifty young African entrepreneurs selected for the innovative feature of their projects.
She was rewarded the « Prize of encouragement » of the Jury for Jacigreen, seen as a high potential project taking part to the transition to a viable and sustainable business model in Africa. In June 2018, she received Planet A® Innvovation Award.
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