Mariama CAMARA, Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea

With more than thirty years of experience in project and business management, Mariame Camara is a chemical engineer who was reconverted very early in rural development. After a career at the Société Nationale de Brasserie de Guinée and the Ministry of Rural Development, she joined the Société Guinéenne de Palmier à Huile et d'Hévéa (SOGUIPAH) in 1991 when it was created, as the manager of the greasiness industry. Appointed Deputy Director General in 1993 and then Director General of SOGUIPAH one year later, Mrs. Mariame CAMARA will participate, within the Guinean government team, in the mobilization of funds for agricultural and industrial investments and accompanying measures with the various financial partners (AFD, EIB, ADB, BADEA, etc.). It will thus have the opportunity to contribute, with the assistance of FAO, to mobilizing funding to convert Liberian war refugees in Guinea Forest to rice and fish farming. Under her leadership, SOGUIPAH has become a leader in the agro-industrial sector in Guinea with nearly 9,000 ha of industrial plantations, 14,000 ha of family and private plantations and 4,837 workers, including 1,725 women. In terms of production quality, its rubber has obtained the ""ISO 9001"" reference. Through an ambitious programme of public housing and lighting, health centres and hospitals, school and socio-cultural infrastructure, rural roads and reforestation, it has helped to bring development to this part of Guinea. Since 27 December 2017, Mrs Mariame CAMARA has been Minister of Agriculture of Guinea. Holder of a DES in Food Chemistry from the University ""IPGAN"" of Conakry, she wrote a book ""Experiment SOGUIPAH, a sure way to fight poverty"". She was a member of the Economic and Social Council and is a recipient of the Medal of Honor for Work.