Planet A® Institute will offer various research and in-depth reflection programs.
The sessions will involve around fifty speakers: experts, managers and high-level practitioners who will build those sessions as many opportunities of exchanges, experiences, knowledge and skills acquisition and will lean on:
  • Varied and modern modules so as to create group dynamics around shared and co-experimented topics: with an inductive method (including plenaries, workshops/work groups, case studies, field visits, etc.), putting forward concrete examples;
  • Diversity in the search for listeners and speakers so as to create a bi- and multilateral learning space: each listener can become a moderator, a speaker, a time manager, a rapporteur;
  • Networking via inter-programs’ and inter-listeners’ meetings, « Alumni », listeners and speakers of the International Forum;
  • The Planet A® label, a guarantee of credibility and individual and corporate visibility via the production of a collective solution;
  • A production dedicated to all and especially to partners: we will organize some work feedback towards the organizations and companies providing listeners, speakers, case studies, etc.