Edouard Philippe, First Minister, French Republic

Édouard Philippe is a State official and a French statesman. He has been First Minister since 15th May 2017. Student from Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris and École Nationale d'Administration (ENA), in the 90’s he campaigns for the socialist party to support Michel Rocard before choosing the right. He is also a member of Conseil d'État. In 2002, he participates to the creation of the Union for a popular movement (UMP), after being called by Alain Juppé. Member of his cabinet at the Ministry of Ecology from May 2007, he joins Areva company after Alain Juppé’s defeat at the general elections in June. After several local mandates, he is elected Mayor of Le Havre and President of the urban community of Le Havre in 2010, then Deputy in 2012.
Spokesman of Alain Juppé during the right and centre primaries in 2016, he supports François Fillon later, but takes some distance with the presidential campaign when the latter is charged with fictitious jobs. After he is chosen by the new President, Emmanuel Macron, to run the first government, then a second after the general elections in 2017.