"Earth, waste, planet: soil quality for the health of living things."


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of plenary sessions and workshops



The planet A® forum - international and multidisciplinary – places agriculture as a source of solutions to the crucial issues that humanity faces, be they demographic, environmental, energy-related, social and societal, economic or geopolitical. It brings together hundreds of high-level international experts who come to exchange their knowledge and research, compare their points of view, benefit from new ways of thinking and discover replicable best practices and innovative solutions. The forum aims to lead to concrete commitments and innovative proposals in the field of food security and environmental transition. The Planet A® International Agriculture Forum is apolitical and works in partnership with the Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique, the Jean Jaurès Foundation, NGOs, international organizations and think tanks.

For its 2019 edition, the planet A® forum is a continuation of the discussions opened in 2018, which gathered, under the high patronage of the Presidency of the Republic and in the presence of Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, 390 actors (researchers, institutions, political decision-makers, companies, experts, farmers, civil society, etc.) from 32 countries.
This year, the theme focuses its reflection on the soil issue under the title - Earth, waste, planet: soil quality for the health of living things. Soil is a living entity; its quality and health are vital in determining the quality of life of plants, animals, people and all ecosystems.
The program will be structured around round‑tables, talks and workshops in order to look at the subject in question from complementary angles:

  • Managing soil quality to ensure food and environmental security
  • Soil and human rights
  • The role of soils and agriculture in climate resilience
  • Public and land use policies 
  • Presentation of forward-looking studies
  • Preserve land biodiversity to protect fauna and flora
  • How can we best share soils?
  • Various models to rethink production
  • Financing mechanisms for soil protection and remediation
  • Research and technological innovation
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