About CNAM

Cnam is the first French establishment of lifelong higher education training, present on the whole French territory with more than 150 learning centers, and also abroad in many countries, allowing for training more than 70, 000 listeners per year. Cnam issues many certifications recognized by the Ministry of Labour (RNCP) and LMD graduating courses of higher education.

Its three main missions, namely training, research and the promotion of scientific and technical culture, distinguish it in the field of higher education and vocational training. Its unique professionalized section, via courses recognized in the RNCP or LMD system, is reinforced by the employment of teachers working in their skill fields and the existence of its own teaching body, the Cnam Professors (PRCM), whose recruiting enables to open this function to personalities from the academic or professional world bringing their expertise on their topics. Cnam has developed other fields of state-of-the-art expertise, on distance learning, Moocs and EAV, for which it is the leader in France today.

Present in each region, Cnam Grand Est head office is in Nancy with several training locations, including a large learning center in Reims.