Bioeconomy and circular systems: towards the 7th agricultural revolution
CEBB - Site de Pomacle Bazancourt (Marne)

In a world where the management of resources becomes central, the emergence of bioeconomy and biorefinery is a major opportunity to meet the challenges of the 21st century, thanks to the substitution of fossil energies in a model where Agriculture and Industry are closely linked. Bioeconomy addresses many fields (human and animal food, materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, transports and energy…) and many economic and societal expectations (sustainable management of resources, food safety, the creation of value, jobs, the reinvigoration of rural areas, etc.). 
In the economic and industrial models controlled by oil, the emergence of this bioeconomy could herald the 7th agricultural revolution by substituting oil-sourced carbon with sustainable carbon. Besides generating value, it also questions many paradigms: branches, organizations, link with the geopolitical society, demography...
How to anticipate the next major economic mutations? Which models can be taught from them?