27 & 28 Juin 2019

Land, matter, planet: the quality of soils for the life health

The soil is a living entity; its quality and health are decisive for the life quality of plants, animals, men, and all ecosystems. By its capacity of capturing and storing carbon like recycling other gas, it is a major issue for Agriculture, in its regulation of the climate and the air quality. The issue of soils also applies to its uses: cultivated lands, coveted lands, monopolized lands, shared lands.

At the crossroad of today’s greatest global challenges, Agriculture has numerous solutions to bring. Whether the challenges of our humanity are demographic, environmental, energetic, social, economic or geopolitical,a multidisciplinary, transversal and positive thinking is required in order to rethink our models of production and consumption.

Planet A® Forum aims at being concrete and useful, with a clear objective: share the solutions, spread the good practices and imagine tomorrow’s innovations to shift the lines by reinventing our approach of Agriculture; better produced, better trained, better consumed or even better financed.

A unique place of for all the stakeholders of global Agriculture, Planet A® Forum is the meeting open to constructive minds and positive initiatives, and stands as the launch pad of a collective commitment giving way, all year long, to exchanges between participants.

Planet A® International Forum of Agriculture calls on the multidisciplinarity, expertise and responsibilities of each participant (experts, companies, civil society, political leaders…) to get concrete engagements and set up innovative propositions aims at being held as an « Open Book » to the major international meetings and nourish reflections at the highest level.

Non-political, Planet A® International Forum of Agriculture is conceived in partnership with Jean Jaurès Foundation, the Foundation for political innovation and other international thinktanks.