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Backed by a group of committed celebrities from all walks of life, Planet A® was launched with a specific goal in mind – step up fundamental agricultural change by developing channels to share best practices, fostering communication and coming up with ground-breaking solutions to help mankind.

Planet A® was designed to be a genuine centre of excellence showcasing game-changing, sustainable agricultural solutions, and breaks down as follows:

International Agriculture Forum, June 27 – 28, 2019

Bringing together nearly 400 business leaders, researchers, academics, NGO representatives and politicians come from 32 countries from all over the world. The goal will be to brainstorm future agricultural solutions, sign up to pledges and put suggestions to governments and high-level organisations.

L’Institut des Hautes Études de l’Agriculture – (“IHEDA”, Institute of Advanced Agricultural Studies)

In October 2019, Planet A® will launch the first IHEDA session to modernise farming practices. There will be about 60 participants attending 10 sessions over two days per month. IHEDA will team up with AgroParisTech and URCA (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne) universities for this purpose.

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Business and development unit

Backed by Châlons Agglo and its Terradata project, this unit will provide educational and technical tools and equipment designed to bring about creative projects and usher in wealth and jobs. A business incubator has already been established with the University of Adelaide (Australia) and a startup centre will complete the scheme.

City of Innovative Agriculture

Planet A®’s City of Innovative Agriculture will be an effective hands-on learning centre focusing on farming crops. It will be set up in a breath-taking building and designed as an educational space for families and youngsters. The centre will be commissioned in 2023.

Realising that agricultural challenges are central to the future of mankind, Planet A® is a group initiative focusing on thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas. Planet A® welcomes contributions from experts, organisations and others around the world who seek to help build our agricultural future.