A dedicated team and collective

Planet A® Institute of Higher Education in Agriculture is built within the respect of Planet A® key values:

collective and excellence.

For this reason, its programs and syllabus are designed by experts in collaboration with Planet A® team:

The Scientific Council

The Team


The Academic Partners

About URCA

Since the nineties, the research around agricultural and wine agro-resources i.e., their production, their transformation and their non-food valorization has developed within Reims Champagne-Ardenne University (URCA), thanks to the works from research units in biology,...
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About AgroParisTech

AgroParisTech is the Institute of life and environment sciences and industries, attached to Ministries in charge of agriculture and higher education. As a player in higher education and research, this great establishment, an international reference,...
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About CNAM

Cnam is the first French establishment of lifelong higher education training, present on the whole French territory with more than 150 learning centers, and also abroad in many countries, allowing for training more than 70,...
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About NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School clearly aims at being the innovating challenger of the greatest international Business Schools. Led by its strategic plan, NEOMA Business School is building tomorrow’s School and is rethinking its practices as regards...
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