Why an institute of higher education in agriculture

Agriculture is a major geopolitical stake at the crossroad of economic, societal and environmental significant issues: demographic growth, climate change, post petroleum economy, food challenges, soil and water preservation, etc.
The Agriculture of the 21st century must therefore go beyond its mere nurturing role – to feed some 9.7 billion people in 2050 – to take a major stand in the process of change of our societies, while making sure to preserve the natural resources, notably water, and taking part to help combating climate change.

Planet A® Institute of Higher Education in Agriculture aims at raising awareness, discussing and involving high officials from the public and private world, representatives of the civil society, companies and individuals/citizens and eventually gathering them around this major geopolitical stake, at the heart of economic, environmental, societal issues, and not only agricultural ones strictly speaking.
To do so, the Institute will aim at simplifying the discussions with decision-makers from all fields in order to favor the construction and diffusion of a common and shared impact culture on agricultural, wine-making, forest and agro-industrial issues and to tackle the agricultural issue with its largest meaning. We will turn to people taking part to various expertise and from all geographic horizons to think over and propose sustainable solutions to meet such challenges.

Our objective

Facing global issues - demographic, environmental, geopolitical, Planet A® Institute of Higher Education in Agriculture, has set itself the mission to turn Châlons-en-Champagne into the crossroad of reflections, works of research and actions/initiatives around topics linked and peripheral to Agriculture.

The 5 good reasons to join us and become part of the solution makers

  • A team spirit created by the challenge to become experts speaking during Planet A® International Forum
  • A training enriched by listeners, contributors and actors of sessions
  • An educational expertise guaranteed by our academic partners
  • A professional expertise brought by our partners
  • An opening of its scope of intervention that allows to integrate Agriculture as a source of solutions

Via this Institute and in concert with all the initiatives of Planet A®, we wish to :

Create a national and international network of excellence and influence

Position this network as an expert as regards the production of thoughts and contents on topics linked to Agriculture and training and publication tools issued from the seminaries

Transfer and share, involve expertise of any horizons, encourage the spirit of openness, interdisciplinarity and crossed proliferation

Allow the listeners to expand their fields of expertise and competence by covering subjects with strong issues, but also and mainly highlight their solutions

Contribute to the development of a common culture on agricultural issues.


Planet A® Institute will offer various research and in-depth reflection programs.
The sessions will involve around fifty speakers: experts, managers and high-level practitioners who will build those sessions as many opportunities of exchanges, experiences, knowledge and skills acquisition and will lean on:
  • Varied and modern modules so as to create group dynamics around shared and co-experimented topics: with an inductive method (including plenaries, workshops/work groups, case studies, field visits, etc.), putting forward concrete examples;
  • Diversity in the search for listeners and speakers so as to create a bi- and multilateral learning space: each listener can become a moderator, a speaker, a time manager, a rapporteur;
  • Networking via inter-programs’ and inter-listeners’ meetings, « Alumni », listeners and speakers of the International Forum;
  • The Planet A® label, a guarantee of credibility and individual and corporate visibility via the production of a collective solution;
  • A production dedicated to all and especially to partners: we will organize some work feedback towards the organizations and companies providing listeners, speakers, case studies, etc.