Jean Viard, Sociologist, Director of Research, CNRS, CEVIPOF

Jean Viard is a sociologist, associate director of research CNRS to CEVIPOF, a political research center of Sciences Po. Holder of a higher education diploma in economy (Aix-en-Provence) and a doctorate in sociology of the School of higher education in social sciences, his fields of specialization are social times (vacations, 35 hours), but also space (planning, agricultural issues) and politics. As a lecturer, he is often quoted in the press and also carries out consulting activities for companies and territorial authorities.
After being a columnist at JDD, Polka magazine and one of the reporters 2012 of Nouvel Obs-le plus, he regularly speaks in 28 minutes on Arte and the news Le Un.
He wrote many books. Among the latest: Quand la Méditerranée nous submerge (2017), Chronique française : de Mitterrand à Macron (2018), Une société si vivante (2018).