What we do

The Agriculture has fed the World, developed our societies, tomorrow it will save Humanity
On the international scene, Agriculture is a major geopolitical stake at the crossroads of global economic, security, societal and environmental issues: the Agriculture is a major political issue lying around 3 questions: how to feed 9.7 billion inhabitants by 2050, how to preserve our resources (water, biodiversity and soils) and how to mitigate the climate change.
Facing these global challenges and because of the interdependence of territories in the world today, the players concerned agree on the requirement and emergency to collectively reinvent Agriculture, change the way of producing, limit the inequalities of access to sustainable food and build a sustainable future for the planet.
They agree on the requirement to gather qualified Men of good will to commit to a new agricultural revolution and co-build new solutions.
Considered as a real hub of expertise for an innovative, sustainable and human Agriculture, Planet A® is built around 3 strong axes:               
  • The Development of a network of excellence and influence: as a real collective supported by experts from all horizons, Planet A® positions itself as a crossroads of considerations, research work and actions around subjects linked and peripheral to Agriculture

  • The Integration of « Carbon » issues: with partners from the Marne and the national territory, Planet A® will present political initiatives to better enhance the integration of « Carbon » issues into agricultural practices, thereby initiating a real safeguard approach of our resources and support of bioeconomy.
  • The Commitment to developing digital tools:  with TERRADATA Planet A® is committed to developing digital tools supporting the piloting of public policies, and for welcoming innovative start-ups via the Thinclab incubator (in partnership with Adélaïde University) and Coweuse, the incubator of agricultural technologies.