Why an institute of higher education in agriculture

Agriculture is a major geopolitical stake at the crossroad of economic, societal and environmental significant issues: demographic growth, climate change, post petroleum economy, food challenges, soil and water preservation, etc.
The Agriculture of the 21st century must therefore go beyond its mere nurturing role – to feed some 9.7 billion people in 2050 – to take a major stand in the process of change of our societies, while making sure to preserve the natural resources, notably water, and taking part to help combating climate change.

Planet A® Institute of Higher Education in Agriculture aims at raising awareness, discussing and involving high officials from the public and private world, representatives of the civil society, companies and individuals/citizens and eventually gathering them around this major geopolitical stake, at the heart of economic, environmental, societal issues, and not only agricultural ones strictly speaking.
To do so, the Institute will aim at simplifying the discussions with decision-makers from all fields in order to favor the construction and diffusion of a common and shared impact culture on agricultural, wine-making, forest and agro-industrial issues and to tackle the agricultural issue with its largest meaning. We will turn to people taking part to various expertise and from all geographic horizons to think over and propose sustainable solutions to meet such challenges.