Xavier BESSEYRE DES HORTS, Senior Program Manager #Agritech #Foodtech, Microsoft, France

Xavier Besseyre des Horts, after 10 years in multimedia and event agency, worked at Alcatel and Nokia Networks to promote the solutions of these equipment suppliers in order to build the first 3G mobile networks and associated services. Between 2004 and 2016 he was Director of Communication and Public Affairs at Nokia France, in charge of promoting mobile and smartphone ranges to the press and influencers. He has also participated to many technical projects such as contactless payment, mobile broadcast television, smartphone mapping... Following Microsoft mobile activities' takeover and its closure, he trained to new cloud (Media Services, IoT, Cognitive Services...) and collaborative (Office 365) solutions - as well as virtual reality (Hololens). He was then able to advise many companies on their digital transformation by interacting with the directors of communication or digital transformation. Since 2017, he has been managing a new Microsoft Corporation initiative based on a technology called TV Whitespace. Thanks to radio waves in the UHF band - not used by broadcasters - Countryside over large areas can benefit from high quality internet speed. Microsoft Research Farmbeats' program, which became a platform dedicated to Agritech in the Azure Cloud in 2019, offers innovative Microsoft solutions to startups, companies and organizations in the agriculture and food sector with a triple objective: making technology affordable, improving the ecological impact of agriculture and increasing productivity in a sustainable way.